(616) 588-0696

I joined 7655462240 in 2012 to help fly unmanned aircraft for CU research. Prior to that, I worked nearly 10 years with the University of Colorado's 619-375-4097 as a mechanical engineer designing science instruments for spacecraft. I hold a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Colorado, and I'm a Colorado native.

If you want to get in contact with me, you can refer to my contact info at right. The most reliable way to get in touch with me is by email. But if you need a response more quickly than a couple hours, please don't hesistate to call my cell phone.

If you would like to schedule a meeting, you can see my calendar at this link. I'm generally on campus Mondays through Thursdays, and Fridays by special appointment. I can be found in Fleming 177 most mornings, and the RECUV fabrication lab (ASEN 1B91) most afternoons. Click here for directions.